Monday, May 11, 2009

A Look Back

Blogging about Caribbean events has been a interesting journey for me. I began as just a commentator and by the end I was promoting Caribbean events myself. Writing this blog made me realized that I was actually a niche member in the niche audience I was trying to reach. I also enjoyed sharing my thoughts on my culture and the culture of other Caribbean islands. This blog also illustrates that Caribbean culture is prevalent all over the world and touches people from all walks of life.

I interviewed Caribbean students in the area to get their opinion of events in the area. I also interviewed DJs in the area.

The Caribbean scene in Baltimore is more geared to patrons 21 and older but they are a few that are held for college age students. Most of events are held closer to the city or in the Park Heights area.

I think that this scene is constantly getting bigger with more events being planned and organized.

Lengendary Stone Love Grew in Baltimore

Blood Tear Promotions presents The Annual History on Saturday June 20. 2009.
This party features two sounds directly from Jamaica. Stone Love is the most recognized DJ crew in the island and been so for more than two decades. The other grew is called Bass Odyssey. Three Djs that have been mentioned in previous post will also be playing at this party. High Rollaz, Upsetta and Raw Deal will be in the building.

The flyer does not give a lot of information so I can not provide anymore.

Dancehall artist: Sean Paul

Sean Paul is on of the top dance hall artist and is one of more recognizable Caribbean artist in America. He is responsible for top charting hits like "Jus give the light," "We be Burning," and "Get Busy."
Sean Paul stands out in the dance hall scene because he is an uptown boy(middle class), while the majority of dance hall artist are from downtown(poor areas). Sean is also a mixture of Chinese, Black and Portuguese which contradicts the stereotype that believes all Jamaicans are blakc and have dread locks.

Sean Paul's fist hit was Infiltrate this song was hot for over two years in Jamaica and still gets ratings whenever it is played in parties. This song was his launching pad into star down and he did not turn back. Sean Paul is now the top selling dance hall artist of all time with two multi- platinum albums, Trinity and Dutty Rock.

Sean is one of my favorite artist because I am also an uptown boy and I think he does a great job of promoting a positive image of dance hall music. Sean's lyrics are also great to sing and dance to with girls, that boy could sweet talk any girl in my opinion and girls love dancing to Sean Paul Songs.

Baltimore's Own Dance Hall Queen Compettion

Zodiak Promotions, Ricky Chin and High Rollaz Booking Agency presents Baltimore's 4th annual Dance Hall competition on June Friday 12, 2009.
The dance hall queen is a dance competition that originated in Jamaica. It is a dance off where women do all kinds of scandalous dance moves. This is definitely an adult event and is rated R. To give a mental picture it is like being at a strip club but the girls keep their clothes on and men are not throwing money at them. When I was a child growing up in Jamaica my mom banned me from watching the dance hall videos my friend had.

With the warning out the way, I think this would be great event to attend to get a first hand experience of an authentic dance hall tradition.
Ladies if you are trying to win some money and a trip to Jamaica this competition is for you. The winner's prize is $1500 and a trip to Jamaica, 2nd place gets $1000 and 3rd gets $500. The promoters will also will be giving away a I POD Touch as a gate prize.

Event Details:

When: Friday June 12 2009

Where: Sankofa Center for Cultural Enrichment.

Cost: $20

Music:High Rollaz, Upsetta and Raw Deal

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Ragga Showdown

I found this event on Facebook while going through all the events that I have been invited to. It caught my eye because my boy DJ Lawless will be playing there. Lawless has played for events that I have planned and attended, he one of the hottest dance hall DJs in the college party scene.
The party is being hosted my North Face Entertainment. I have not heard of this group before, but if they have booked Lawless I know they have good taste in music, at least. This party is also an 18 and older event so this party is definitely for you college students out there.

Party Details

When: Friday May 15th 2009

Where: Bobby's Lounge 8200 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore Md.

Cost: Ladies Free before 11 p.m. Gentlemen $10 before midnight.

Dress Code: Ladies; Fly and Sexy. Gentlemen; Casual

DJs: Lawless and Raymond

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Caribbean Dance: World Dance

World Dance is another dance created legendary Jamaican dancer Bogle. The dance looks gooffy but is really fun to do, and once you got the move down its an easy but cool dance to know. World famous dance hall artist Beenie Man sang the song and the video features Bogle doing the dance in an Jamaican neighborhood.

I decided to share this dance with you guys because this was my first favorite dance hall dance. I remember watching the music video for the dance and mimicking what I saw. My maid would critique me until I could do just like Bogle did in the video. The dance was popular for three years straight. There were teachers at my prep school that even knew the dance(yea, it was that popular.

The dance is easy to learn, just watch the video and focus on the movements of the legs and the arms. Once you got that down all you got to do is learn the rhythm of the dance.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caribbean Night each and every Saturday

Caribbean Nights goes down every Saturday at the Windsor Inn and is hosted by Celebrity Entertainment and Golden Touch Productions.

The promoters are marketing this party as playing the best in Caribbean music. If they are right this event should be a priority to attend for lovers of Caribbean music. Three Djs will be mixing DJ Smally, DJ Signal and DJ Acid who actually are the members of Golden Touch Productions.

For more information contact Tony at (410)-336-3814.

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